Support Policy

Fanatical dedication is a good way to describe DNT support staff in regards to the support we give to all of our products and services.

We work hard to make sure that our products and services are working as expected. We will look into any problem reported by the Customer with any of our products or services until a solution is found.

While we recognize that computer problems are frustrating, we must remain a profitable entity; therefore we must limit support resources to problems that relate to our system or products.


There are many potential reasons as to why the Customer may or may not be able to connect to services that DNT provides on DNT servers. Please refer to our Hosting Service Level Agreement for a clearer definition of the scope of DNT's responsibilities and how we measure uptime. In general, sometimes the Customer has a poorly configured computer. Sometimes the Customer is working in an office environment which has an improperly configured LAN. Sometimes the Customer is using an ISP that does not provide stable services. Sometimes the Customer is located in a part of the world that has very unstable Internet backbone providers, or that experiences traffic delays at international gateways.

DNT has control over, and is therefore soley responsible for, the stability of the end server and applications running on that server. While we will be glad to help diagnose potential problems in connectivity, responsibility for connectivity issues is as follows:

The functionings of the Customer's computer or software applications on the Customer's comptuer are the responsibility of the computer’s manufacturer, the software application vendor, or the Customer’s IT department. The Customer’s home/office LAN are the responsibility of the Customer’s IT department or own Network Administrator. If the Customer does not have an IT department or Network Administrator, subscription to DNT services or products does NOT entitle the Customer to free Help Desk services.

The connectivity from the Customer’s client computer/office to the Internet is the responsibility of the Customer’s ISP, or Interent Service Provider. If the ISP is not providing a stable connection to the Internet, it is the responsibility of the Customer’s ISP to provide support services. If the Customer’s ISP does not provide profession support services as a part of its operations, or does not provide support services in the native language the Customer speaks, DNT is still NOT responsible to provide free support services to make up for the deficits of the ISP.

The Internet Backbone and major routers are the responsibility of colosal companies called Internet Backbone providers. DNT has located it’s servers at data centers which have multiply redundant backbones so if one experiences a problem, traffic should redirect onto the other. However, our Customers sometimes live in parts of the world which have very unstable Internet Backbone providers. While we feel the Customers pain in more ways than one on this, DNT can do about as much to change the performance of the Internet Backbone in any given location as it can to change the weather. We’ll be glad to help the Customer diagnose if a major router is working or not, but if one is not working, there is really nothing DNT can do about it.

Support Abuse

DNT will answer any support question directly related to DNT’s product or service. But this means that the problem must originate from DNT’s product or service.

Mutliple "repeat" support based configuration changes are considered abusive. For instance if the Customer asks DNT to fix a configuration and then the Customer breaks the configuration again and requests DNT to fix it again.

A similar situation may exist for eDictio Content Management System training. While DNT has created fantastic documentation for the eDictio product, it is the responsibility of the Customer to remember how to use the system or to train new staff if there is staff turnover.

Support Methods
Online Support

Under "Support" in the menu above, Create a service ticket:

Change Request - For requesting a change to content which DNT manages.

Feature Request - For requesting a new functionality to a DNT product, service or undergoing project.

Error Tracking - For tracking of bug fixes to a DNT product or resolving technical errors.

Question - For asking a more general question not necessarily technical.


For billing questions, contact
For technical support, contact


China Toll Free:800 915 9876 during normal business hours Beijing time.
US Toll Free: 1 800 625 8979 please leave a voice mail, we will return your call.

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